Remap Consulting

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Remap Consulting stands as a distinguished consultancy specializing in pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement, and market access. Our approach is rooted in evidence, offering a comprehensive strategy to optimize product pricing and patient access for our clients. We proudly collaborate with a diverse clientele, ranging from top 10 pharmaceutical giants to innovative startups, engaging in an array of pivotal projects, market access training, and product launches.
We recognize that the pricing and access landscape is fiercely competitive. However, we differentiate ourselves by championing an innovative and adaptable approach. This approach allows for a more personalized client-consultancy relationship, where we deeply comprehend the unique challenges that our clients face and work collaboratively to develop solutions that deliver results. Our reach extends to 57 countries globally, where we've contributed to improved patient access to our clients' products.
Our remarkable team is the core of Remap's success. We foster a friendly, rewarding environment that supports our team's growth, ensuring exceptional client support. We celebrate the diverse experiences and talents of each team member, embracing unity.