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Turnit has over 20 years of experience in the ground transportation inventory management, sales, and distribution market.  Currently, Turnit offers two key products: Turnit Ride and Turnit Hub, alongside turnkey operations and maintenance or a selection of Services.

Turnit Ride

Turnit Ride is a cloud-native central sales and distribution product developed by Turnit. Turnit Ride provides operators with a highly scalable, configurable, modular solution that includes real-time, timetable-aware, sales, inventory management, and passenger operations in one centralized system. This product, designed with the unique needs of the rail and bus industry in mind, processes over 40 million passenger segments and ancillary products annually and is used by more than 50 transport operators worldwide.

Turnit Ride's micro-service and API-centric, modular architecture enables faster deployment of new functionalities without compromising quality or business performance, and its scalable booking engine and caching technology can manage high volumes of booking requests, even during peak sales campaigns or times of traffic disruption, through all sales channels: in advance via digital and physical channels and with real-time capacity awareness, on-board, for both inspection and sales.

Turnit Hub

Where multi-operator distribution and cross-selling of transport products are required, the Turnit Hub is a purpose-built solution that is complementary to Turnit Ride and is able to aggregate offers from many Inventory Management Systems (IMS). 

Turnit Hub is a cloud-native, multi-modal, multi-operator, broker, and distribution product, architected around the Open Sales and Distribution Model (OSDM) standard. Turnit Hub allows cross-selling of operators’ products (from different IMSs) to allow end customers to buy an end-to-end journey using a single sales portal/website (e.g. of their favourite operator or reseller.). Turnit Hub can use a centralised Journey Planner or allow distributors to use their own.

Turnit Services

For Turnit Ride and Turnit Hub, Turnit offers a range of operating models, including a product license model or a full Software-as-a-Service model.  Services can be tailored to an individual customer’s operating environment and requirements, including 24/7 support, cloud infrastructure provision and maintenance, scalability, high availability, full maintenance, micro-services, and market-leading SLAs. Our cost-effective, flexible, and efficient services can be established quickly and easily without the need for extensive in-house IT resources or expertise.