Enterprise Bot

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Enterprise Bot, based in Switzerland, is a pioneer in Conversational AI, Process Automation, and Generative AI. With the trust of esteemed passenger transport giants like LNER, NS, SBB, and CP, responsible for over 1.2 billion annual journeys, Enterprise Bot is revolutionizing both customer and employee experiences. Through its advanced integration with Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT and Llama 2, and its unique patent-pending DocBrain technology, the company delivers unparalleled personalization, active engagement, and omnichannel solutions across platforms like email, voice, and chat. This dedication to innovation in the transportation industry facilitates streamlined claims and delay repay automation, efficient journey planning, and, above all, elevates both CX and employee productivity. The outcome? Bots that not only engage and satisfy users but also drive increased revenue while minimizing costs.