Trond Hovland | Managing Director
ITS Norway

Trond Hovland, Managing Director, ITS Norway

Mr. Trond Hovland is the CEO of ITS Norway, a membership association promoting ICT and R&D in the transportation sector.  Before joining ITS Norway in 2009, Hovland worked nearly 18 years for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, holding several management positions and heading large ICT procurement projects.  Hovland has a keen interest in organizational development, network-based innovation processes, and has actively participated in international standardization projects under ISO and CEN.  He has also Chaired the ICT Sector Board of Directors at Standards Norway for more than six years.  In his current position at ITS Norway, Hovland has worked to raise awareness of ITS and has established nation-wide cooperation platforms to support uptake and implementation of new technologies. ITS Norway tracks the most important ITS trends and combines them with current drivers and funding opportunities.  This combination is used to form new development projects, spotting emerging markets and thus help members industrialize and grow their businesses.  Currently, Autonomy, Cooperative systems, Emission-free vehicles and Mobility-as-a-Service make up the most important trends, while Smart City initiatives and EU/National policies on ITS are the main drivers.  Recently, ITS Norway started a new inter-Nordic project that aims to establish principles, concepts and business models for cross-mode and cross-border mobility. The project is done together with commercial MaaS-operators, research institutes and public transportation agencies. Hovland has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Bergen and has additional training in business and project management from the BI Norwegian Business School and the NHH Norwegian School of Economics.


Day 1 @ 12:30

Integrating regional ticketing solutions to unlock multi-operator and cross-border travel

  • How can accessible, simple ticketing solutions be delivered with multiple stakeholders involved?
  • What technologies are best suited to inter-regional ticketing solutions?
  • Developing standards, regulation and legal frameworks for integrated ticketing schemes to unleash pent-up opportunity
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