Thomas Le Nest | Head of Revenue Management TGV North & East

Thomas Le Nest, Head of Revenue Management TGV North & East, SNCF

Graduated from a Business School (Normandy Business School) and from the University of Wales, I have worked in the International Development Department of SNCF Voyages on the German et Swiss markets. Main realizations have been the development of the Joint Venture TGV Lyria and the signing of a new cooperation contract between SNCF and DB for the high speed services between France and Germany. Former Operational Manager in Paris Montparnasse station where I was head of the sales forces. Since 2020 I am in charge of the Revenue Management team working on the TGV Nord (Paris<>Lille) and TGV Est (Paris<>Strasbourg/Luxembourg/Germany).


Day 1 @ 12:30

How to build an efficient RM strategy in a post-pandemic context?

·How to manage your strategy without the help of historical data·Discussing the challenge of reacting effectively to change in market trends·What have been the main changes in your RM strategy compared to before the pandemic?
last published: 20/Sep/21 17:25 GMT

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