Steve Garside | Marketing Manager
Heathrow Express

Steve Garside, Marketing Manager, Heathrow Express

Steve Garside is currently a Marketing Manager for Heathrow Express and Heathrow Airport and has worked in the Travel Industry for 20 years.

Commencing his career in retail travel agencies, then onto overseas resort management and finally, Steve made his way to the seven seas and became Marketing and Revenue Manager onboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Steve was the first Marketing Manager to operate on the largest cruise ships in the World, with 7700 passengers and 2500 crew, over 500 of which fell into the revenue & marketing areas. Steve has a flair of theatre about him, this environment was an ideal setting to study results from various tactical approaches onboard to drive spend using entertainment and experiential as a way to relay messages and grow awareness. Multiple nationalities in large volumes present on cruise ships became the norm and the fascination of achieving results by finding the perfect balance every voyage, demographically speaking, was recognised and was soon became the Senior Travelling Marketing Manager for the fleet of 26 ships.

After some time sailing the globe, hopping from ship to ship to work on audience messaging, branding and driving spend across the fleet, it was time for some solid ground and Steve moved to Sydney, Australia to manage Azamara Cub Cruises for Australia and New Zealand (part of Royal Caribbean). This sales and marketing role looked at all aspects of the market and the goal was to find a way to get enough interest in luxury cruising and sell enough cruises to justify the ships cruising in Australian waters. So Steve went from travel agents to travel operators, customers to conglomerates, traveling all of Australia and New Zealand to raise the awareness of a small luxury brand with only 2 ships. This was achieved and seeing four years of scheduling ahead of Azamara ships visiting Australasian shores and sales up greatly on prior year Steve felt his goal was accomplished and voted for a return to British soil to explore marketing opportunities in the aviation sector.

In March 2018 Steve joined Heathrow as the Retail Marketing and Experiential Manager, looking after shopping services at Heathrow, tactical events, the customer facing teams post security and all in the aim to drive retail spend and Heathrow as a preferred shopping venue. Some large campaigns leg by Steve have been Lunar New year 2019 and 2020 and Food and Fashion magazines and content.

In early 2020, Steve moved to Marketing Manager for Heathrow Express, working on a new brand strategy to address to the move from functional messaging to a more emotive approach. With a goal for Heathrow Express to be separated from the ‘sea of same’ and increasing brand awareness and desire, Steve continues to work on upcoming campaigns that will differentiate the position Heathrow Express has previously taken.

In September 2020, Steve adopted the role of Marketing Manager for Heathrow (including Heathrow Express) as a result of business changes post COVID-19 and has already began work on the Festive campaign for the airport to work across all owned channels, aiming for multiple KPIs to meet the ever-changing landscape for public transport across the board and each business unit, there has never been more ambition to succeed in ‘Building Back Better’!  

As a leader, I am a keen problem solver, authentic and inspirational. I care about our planet and my collaborative approach is infectious.
As a marketeer, I am innovative and futuristic. I deliver creative, multi-channel campaigns whilst building brand awareness and exceeding commercial goals.

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