Rinaldo Fuss | Market Research & Customer Experience Specialist

Rinaldo Fuss, Market Research & Customer Experience Specialist, BLS AG

In my current role as Market Research and Customer Experience Specialist at BLS, I and my team conduct various qualitative and quantitative market research studies and, based on these results, pilot possible measures by our own or by support the many touchpoint owners to improve the whole customer journey with the aim of triggering as many positive experiences for our customers as possible.


Day 2 @ 15:15

Solving the number one frustration of travellers: accurate, real time information

  • With so many stakeholders, how can IT systems effectively deliver accurate and personalised information to the right passenger at the right time?
  • Delivering relevant information on the best platform: managing multi-channel feeds
  • The role of open data in facilitating new innovation capabilities in the industry
last published: 16/Jun/21 09:05 GMT

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