Reinout Wissenburg | Manager Strategic Sustainability

Reinout Wissenburg, Manager Strategic Sustainability, ProRail

Rail travel as a real alternative for planes and cars is the best the rail sector can contribute to a sustainable society! Reinout Wissenburg is a sustainability professional with experience in the semi-public sector. He is currently working as Manager Strategic Sustainability at ProRail. He has a special interest in semi-public/privatised commercial business operations and specifically sustainability, climate change policy and renewable energy. Intrinsically motivated by a sustainable future, resulting in enthusiasm and persuasiveness


Day 2 @ 12:45

Getting planes out the sky: The key to a sustainable recovery?

  • Increasing international collaboration on operations, disruption management and capacity: what progress is being made?
  • As the night train trend continues to grow: what is driving consumers to choose rail over flying?
  • New customer propositions, improved accessibility and better consumer risk management: the tools to build a bright future for international rail travel
last published: 27/Sep/21 19:05 GMT

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