Philip Amarel | policy & Development Director
European Cyclists' Federation

Philip Amarel, policy & Development Director, European Cyclists' Federation

Philip joined ECF as its Policy and Development Director in April 2021. He is responsible for leading ECF’s advocacy, policy, projects, and development team, working with colleagues to influencing EU policies and collaborate with local, regional, and national partners to promote cycling. Prior to ECF, Philip spent nearly 15 years leading advocacy and campaigns to protect refugees in Europe and people trapped in armed conflicts. Philip was raised in Rhode Island, USA, to a Portuguese family from the Azores islands. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Philip worked in a community mental health services agency for several years before earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Boston College. He has lived in Brussels since 2007 as a dual US-Portuguese citizen, with a strong interest in reducing air pollution, livable cities, protecting our climate, and getting more and more people to choose the bicycle as their everyday means of transport and recreation.


Day 1 @ 12:30

Incentivising real behaviour change in our citizens to support clean sustainable travel across cities and regions.

  • Finding the right model to suit traveller needs and create a shift away from private car ownership towards shared and public transport services
  • Expanding our focus from dense urban centres to suburban and rural locations: can we encourage a loyalty to public and shared transport?
  • Do we really understand what our customers need and what future travel requirements will be?
  • What role does MaaS play in supporting a shift to public and shared mobility options?
last published: 20/Sep/21 17:25 GMT

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