Nick Clarke | Head Of Revenue
Grand Central Railway Company Limited

Nick Clarke, Head Of Revenue, Grand Central Railway Company Limited

Grand Central Rail (part of Arriva) have operated on the East Coast Mainline (ECML) in the UK since 2007, providing the only direct rail links to London from a number of northern communities, and during this time have more than doubled their calling points and tripled their number of daily services. This increased customer choice has driven a wide range of improvements to all passengers and the various ECML operators regularly lead customer surveys for satisfaction and value for money.   As Head of Revenue at Grand Central, Nick?s role is to lead and develop Arriva?s passenger revenue growth strategy for Open Access operators in UK rail, including responsibility for pricing, yield management and distribution, creating the conditions to deliver industry-leading revenue growth and ensuring we remain competitive, customer-centric and distinctive.


Day 1 @ 11:45

How Arriva Group are transforming empty capacity into rich ancillary revenue

  • Learn how Arriva Group are using technology to redefine the customer experience and unlock incremental revenue
  • Hear the key strategies you can employ to win back customers, elevate their experience and maximise revenue pre and post departure
  • Build an experience your passengers will love you for

Day 1 @ 14:45

Charting our route to recovery as a private operator in the UK

  • How have we managed our revenue managementstrategy over thecourse of the last year?
  • Working to optimise revenue over the next 12 months to secure the future of GrandCentral
  • Adapting our product andfirst class offer to optimiserevenue
last published: 27/Sep/21 19:05 GMT

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