Martin Knoll | Head of Unit - Digital Sales
Wiener Linien

Martin Knoll, Head of Unit - Digital Sales, Wiener Linien

Martin, aged 39, has been working as an SAP programmer and consultant for 17 years. While working on various jobs in different countries he studied Public Management and after graduating and receiving his masters degree he became the new head of unit for digital sales and vending machines at Wiener Linien.  His experience with software development and his interest for new technologies and digitalization made the Wiener Linien think that he might be the perfect candidate to take a leading role in the transformation of a public transport provider to a public transport services  provider.To  make his boring life more interesting Martin decided to now study law on the side.


Day 1 @ 15:15

Next Generation Ticket solutions to support full mobility solutions

  • How can we facilitate customer friendly ticketing solutions such as BiBo or smart phone based payments at a faster scale?
  • Future proofing technology investments to withstand the innovations of tomorrow
  • What technologies are the most exciting when looking to implement seamless ticketing solutions?
last published: 16/Jun/21 09:05 GMT

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