Lizann Tjon | Program Manager Smart Mobility
City of Amsterdam

Lizann Tjon, Program Manager Smart Mobility, City of Amsterdam

Lizann Tjon is the program manager smart mobility of the City of Amsterdam. Her professional career started at 2010 the City of Amsterdam, where she worked as strategic policy advisor for in the social department. In 2012, she switched to the Economic Department in the role of project manager, specifically to stimulate knowledge and innovation and enhance the role of the creative industries cluster and initiated several projects in public-private partnership. Currently she is responsible for innovation via the smart mobility program at the Chief Technology Office of Amsterdam.


Day 1 @ 11:30

Bringing intelligent mobility to Amsterdam: having a cohesive approach to public space, public transport and transport infrastructure

  • Giving the power of choice to our citizens and visitors: choosing the best transport mix for their journey
  • Working to incentivise desirable transport modes whilst minimising impact on Amsterdam’s aging infrastructure
  • Optimising the use of data and analytics to deliver smart results
last published: 24/Sep/21 08:55 GMT

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