Kristian Kolind | Executive Vice President, Strategy and Information Technology

Kristian Kolind, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Information Technology, Vy

Kristian Kolind works as Head of Corporate Strategy & M&A at  the leading Nordic transport company NSB (Norwegian State Railways), based in Oslo. At NSB, he developed the company?s new mobility strategy, and is now leading the screening, prioritisation and establishment of NSB?s last mile initiatives such as car sharing and autonomous busses. Kristian began his career at McKinsey, and worked as an engagement partner at the Nordic strategy consultancy QVARTZ before joining NSB in 2017. Kristian is Danish and holds a  M.Sc . in Business and Innovation from Copenhagen Business School.


Day 1 @ 14:15

Enticing customers back with new flexible pricing structures fit for the future of work

  • The world of work has (probably) changed for good – how have VY adapted our pricing model to reflect new levels of flexibility?
  • What does the data say? Has this approach grown revenues?
  • Working to increase loyalty to VY services and remove the daily decision making

Day 1 @ 15:15

Delivering door to door experiences for all customers: how can we make this a reality?

  • What role should regulators and governments play in incentivising integrated transport solutions?
  • What role should public transport operators play in delivering door to door solutions and what level of investment is appropriate?
  • Sharing examples of well executed partnerships delivering a growth in ridership and revenue

Day 1 @ 16:45

The power of digital: how are transport operators using digital solutions to create new opportunities and services?

  • What are the most valuable developments that are opening up new opportunities for operators to connect with, excite and serve customers?
  • Competing effectively with digital players Google and Apple: Keeping the direct relationship with our customers
  • Overcoming the fundamental challenges with digitisation and the role that regulation, collaboration and suppliers can play in ensuring a bright future for sustainable transport
last published: 27/Sep/21 19:05 GMT

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