Julius Norkunas | CEO
Mobility Innovation Centre

Julius Norkunas, CEO, Mobility Innovation Centre

About Me  At Mobility Innovation Center we disrupting the myth that Business-2-Government is slow and robust. We change the way startups collaborate with transport sector organizations and we help to achieve win-win for everybody. After acquiring my Bachelor?s degree in e-Bussiness at the University of Liverpool, I?ve immersed myself in this field fully. From an Auditor to CEO and a board member of National Fintech and Startup Committees, it shows that with enough perseverance, you can go very far in the e-Bussiness sector.    How to Operate a Successful Start-up?  The model of a start-up company is getting more popular with each year, but as many new ones I see, only a handful succeeds to stay. So, how to start and how to operate a lucrative start-up? As a board member of the National Start-up Committee, I can share some valuable insights during our Meet.    Why Is Lithuania so Enticing to Foreign Companies?  We often hear people complaining about the hardships of starting a business in Lithuania, but the influx of the world?s leading technology companies? offices opened here proves it different. So, what?s so great about Lithuania - is it skilled professionals? Cheap workforce? Let?s meet and discuss it.   Business Development - How, Where, and When?  So you are the owner of an operating business with high hopes of expansion and a dream of going worldwide. I say that everything?s possible if you push it far enough. I can advise you in making crucial connections, about entering foreign markets and all the ins and outs about business development.

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