Jeffrey Matthijs | Director

Jeffrey Matthijs, Director,

Since 2008, Jeffrey Matthijs is director of, (network carsharing). His mission: to maximize the ecological, social and economic benefits from car sharing.   Together with the team he is working on this trough combining and defending the interests of all car sharing providers and private car sharing groups, representing carsharing in front of (local) Governments and installing innovative pilots to make carsharing accessible for as many target groups as possible such as sharing governmental fleets, wheelchair friendly cars and projects of social inclusion and carsharing. Also he is one of the inventors of the green deal shared mobility and shared mobility rocks. Jeffrey is also involved in the Interreg NSR-project ART-Forum, which tackles questions about autonomous transport


Day 2 @ 12:45

What could the future of stations and mobility hubs could look like?

  • As we reimagine the future of transport and mobility, what impact is this having on stations and hubs?
  • Do mobility hubs contribute to or compete with traditional public transport services?
  • Understanding the customer needs and expectations in mobilityinterchanges

Day 2 @ 15:15

Discussing the impact autonomous vehicles, DRT and intelligent transport systems will have on the future of mobility

  • Discussing the development of autonomous transport and the opportunities this technology opens up for transport operators
  • How can we ensure autonomous vehicles support the developments towards sustainable and clean transport and positive environments for citizens
  • Ensuring effective policies and practices are adapted by the industry to support positive developments around autonomous vehicles
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