Jan Luijben | Information Manager

Jan Luijben, Information Manager, G.V.B.

Jan Luijben is Information manager at GVB Amsterdam. He has a long track record in public transport and technology. Jan is responsible for business innovation with  technology for passenger information, daily operation and maintaining rolling stock. One of the programs he leads is called Generic ICT Vehicle Architecture (GIVA), a new, innovative approach for efficient, flexible and secure information technology in vehicles. Jan started his career with Capgemini in smart technology at ASML and switched to public transport at the Dutch Railways (NS) in 2003. After five years of running projects at the Commerce department, he started at Translink to coordinate the national roll out of the public transport smart card in the Netherlands. Jan switched to GVB in 2014 as the ICT department had to be transformed to a business enabling capability.


Day 2 @ 15:15

Solving the number one frustration of travellers: accurate, real time information

  • With so many stakeholders, how can IT systems effectively deliver accurate and personalised information to the right passenger at the right time?
  • Delivering relevant information on the best platform: managing multi-channel feeds
  • The role of open data in facilitating new innovation capabilities in the industry
last published: 27/Sep/21 19:05 GMT

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