Henk Swarttouw | Dutch Ambassador To Denmark And Vice President
European Cyclists' Federation

Henk Swarttouw, Dutch Ambassador To Denmark And Vice President, European Cyclists' Federation

Henk Swarttouw been a professional diplomat in the Dutch foreign service for 30+ years, working in the US, France, the UK, Finland and of course in the Netherlands. Henk has served as Dutch ambassador to Finland and from 2015 to 2019 he was Dutch ambassador in Denmark. Henk now works as Dutch ambassador for International Organisations. Henk has been cycling to school and to work for over 50 years. From his arrival in Finland in 2012 Henk has been actively engaging in cycling diplomacy. Henk joined the board of the ECF as vice-president in 2019, where he puts his international experience and diplomatic skills at the disposal of the ECF and its members.

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