Dominik Schroeder | Project Manager
Deutsche Bahn

Dominik Schroeder, Project Manager, Deutsche Bahn

Dominik Schröder acts as product manager for Deutsche Bahn?s central WiFi@DB platform. As such he develops the vision and strategy for the WIFI services offered to the users of the platform. Before joining Deutsche Bahn, Dominik Schröder was account manager and program manager for international projects at Infosys Limited. Mr Schröder graduated in electrical engineering at RTWH Aachen and economics at FU Hagen.


Day 1 @ 14:45

Using on-board Connectivity to revolutionise the customer experience at Deutsche Bahn

  • The impact of recent connectivity deployments on connectivity capabilities
  • The new customer services planned this has facilitated in Germany
  • Anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s customers: achieving the needs of travellers in 2025

Day 1 @ 15:00

Can rail delight customers with great connectivity fit for Streaming, Shopping and Working?

  • The reality is customers want high bandwith and reliable connections: will 5G deliver this capability to operators?
  • Focusing on new revenue streams from connectivity, experience from our panel
  • Developing our capabilities to serve the needs of future travellers: what will expections be in the future?
Session led by: paxlife-innovations
last published: 24/Sep/21 08:55 GMT

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