Darja Kocjan | Managing Director
Slovenske Zeleznice

Darja Kocjan, Managing Director, Slovenske Zeleznice

Managing operations, organising work processes and tasks at S?-Potni?ki promet d.o.o., which discharges a public service obligation (PSO) in inland and international rail passenger in the Republic of Slovenia. Working together with senior management to digitalise passenger services and modernise work processes as part of company's vision. Pursuing ambitious goals in the context of S? Potni?ki promet d.o.o.'s role as the pillar of IJPP, a national project for the integration of bus and rail services in public transport.


Day 1 @ 12:30

Digital Transformation in Slovenian Railways

  • The role of digitisation in attracting customers to rail travel: from onboard WiFi to multimodal offers
  • Revamping our systems to make booking and ticketing easier for all customers to travel by rail
  • Investing in digital infrastructure to support the shift to mobile sales and improved services for customers
last published: 16/Jun/21 09:05 GMT

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