Chris Lane | Head of Transport Inovation
Transport for West Midlands

Chris Lane, Head of Transport Inovation, Transport for West Midlands

Chris Lane is Head of Transport Innovation at Transport for West Midlands. In this role he delivers change through people, processes and technology across a portfolio of programmes, including a commercial Mobility as a Service and a Connected and the Autonomous Vehicle test-bed, Midlands Future Mobility, in the West Midlands. Working in transport for most of his life, he has had the opportunity to deliver significant changes to public transport. His background encompasses delivering significant Business Transformation programmes, implementing innovative ITS and ICT systems and playing a major role in the successful delivery of TfWM?s Smartcard and Passenger Information schemes.


Day 1 @ 12:30

Incentivising real behaviour change in our citizens to support clean sustainable travel across cities and regions.

  • Finding the right model to suit traveller needs and create a shift away from private car ownership towards shared and public transport services
  • Expanding our focus from dense urban centres to suburban and rural locations: can we encourage a loyalty to public and shared transport?
  • Do we really understand what our customers need and what future travel requirements will be?
  • What role does MaaS play in supporting a shift to public and shared mobility options?
last published: 16/Jun/21 09:05 GMT

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