Charly Gaillard | Chief Executive Officer
Sneakers & Jackets

Charly Gaillard, Chief Executive Officer, Sneakers & Jackets

Charly has been working for 15 years in the Travel and Tourism industries with a strong focus in Rail (Eurostar, Lyria). He launched in 2013 a consulting company called Sneakers & Jackets focusing on Inventory & Booking, Digital & Distribution, and Revenue Management. Its clients include Thalys, BlaBlaCar, Ouigo, Accor, Disney, Elipsos,, RATP, Luxair and Sqills.


Day 1 @ 12:30

How to build an efficient RM strategy in a post-pandemic context?

·How to manage your strategy without the help of historical data·Discussing the challenge of reacting effectively to change in market trends·What have been the main changes in your RM strategy compared to before the pandemic?
last published: 20/Sep/21 17:25 GMT

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