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Carl Adam Holmberg, , Snälltåget

Snälltåget was established in 2007 as the first long distance open access train operator in Sweden with the mission to give customers/passengers a better journey at a better price. Today, Snälltåget operates night trains - on an open access basis - between Malmö and the mountain resorts in Åre/Vemdalen (Sweden) and between Stockholm/Malmö/Copenhagen and Hamburg/Berlin. Snälltåget also offers day trains between Malmö and Stockholm with four-eight departures every day. Snälltåget acts like a small-scale business but has a stable and long-term owner as a part of the Transdev Group. Carl Adam Holmberg is Head of Snälltåget since 2011 and has been working in the transport sector in 13 years. Carl Adam holds a degree in Master of Science in Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management from Luleå university of technology.


Day 2 @ 12:45

Getting planes out the sky: The key to a sustainable recovery?

  • Increasing international collaboration on operations, disruption management and capacity: what progress is being made?
  • As the night train trend continues to grow: what is driving consumers to choose rail over flying?
  • New customer propositions, improved accessibility and better consumer risk management: the tools to build a bright future for international rail travel
last published: 27/Sep/21 19:05 GMT

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