Bram Seeuws | Policy Coordinator

Bram Seeuws, Policy Coordinator,

Bram Seeuws is Policy Coordinator at – Carshare Belgium since 2018 and is one of the co-founders of the Flemish Mobihub association. Since 2018, Bram is involved in several EU-projects that develop mobility hubs such as Share-North and eHUBS. He has expertise in developing multimodal hubs at stations and integrating shared mobility at these hubs.


Day 2 @ 12:45

What could the future of stations and mobility hubs could look like?

  • As we reimagine the future of transport and mobility, what impact is this having on stations and hubs?
  • Do mobility hubs contribute to or compete with traditional public transport services?
  • Understanding the customer needs and expectations in mobilityinterchanges
last published: 16/Jun/21 09:05 GMT

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