Aske Mastrup Wieth-Knudsen | Vice President

Aske Mastrup Wieth-Knudsen, Vice President, DSB

DSB Vice President for Sustainability since October 2019. DSB has set goals to become completely CO2 neutral in 2030, reduce energy consumption by 50% and turn at least 90% of DSBs waste into new resources. Aske is responsible for the overall sustainability strategy and develops governance related to DSBs purpose and the 2030 goals


Day 2 @ 12:15

Carbon Neutral by 2030: Establishing rail as the green transport mode of the future in Denmark

  • What has driven DSB to make this striking commitment?
  • Electrification, recycling and Reducing our energy use by 50%: how we can meet this target
  • Can we afford not to? Discussing the benefits that come to Rail as increasing sustainability is established
last published: 24/Sep/21 08:55 GMT

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