Ace4Rail GmbH

Innovation Zone

Leasing company ace4rail was founded in 2022 by Axel Kiese. The current team also consists of Albert Koch and Luca Oberholzer. Axel and Albert have a lot of experience with rolling stock, while Luca brings financial experience. Our vision is to create a mature, dynamic lease market for long and semi-long distance passenger coaches. By establishing a fleet of as universal as possible rolling stock that can be leased by all kinds of railway operators, we want to increase the market share of rail in the total European transport market.


We want to achieve this with a large fleet of modern and comfortable carriages available to carriers, both new entrants to the rail market and existing railway companies. The carriages will be equipped with entrances at two heights, so that every vehicle always offers a level access to and from one of the two common European platform heights. Depending on the lease duration and the exact customer requirements, the external and internal appearance of carriages can be individually adapted. The length and composition of the rakes composed with our coaches and – to a certain extent – the layout of the interior can also be personalised. so that the best possible match is created from a uniform fleet with the specific wishes of carriers. 


ace4rail has its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.