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Femke Woudstra, Director, Station Management and Operation, NS

We caught up with Femke to find out how customer experience and expectations have changed, what NS Stations has been focusing on, and more.





David Glantz,
Director of Business Development & Consulting,
Loyalty Partner Solutions GmbH

David discusses future trends emerging in customer loyalty, what rail operators should look to emulate as they develop their own loyalty programmes, and more.






Interview with Marjan Rintel, NS

Interview with Michaela Huber, OBB


Interview with Mike Cooper, Arriva

Interview with Andre Schwammlein, Flixmobility


Keynote Panel World Passenger Festival

How is DSB Harnessing the power of innovation?



Smart service management for sustainable rail operations

Thursday 5th May 2022 at 3pm
In this webinar, our expert speakers will be exploring the key applications of connectivity and smart service management and the role this is playing in increasing the sustainable operation of rail.
We will discuss how connectivity can help increase passenger confidence, enable modal shift and the central role connectivity has in creating a truly seamless and integrated travel experience across modes.
Join us and our expert panellists to understand the latest technologies and how the railway industry can improve its sustainability credentials with smart service management.

●  Jeremy Haskey, Chief Architect, Nomad Digital
●  Mike Butler, Head of Strategic Technical Innovation, Nomad Digital
●  Florian Kittelmann, Global Head of Mobility Orchestration and Data Innovation, Alstom







Leveraging trains IT network to expand passenger experience and unlock new revenue sources

Wednesday 13th April 2022 at 3pm
By leveraging their intranet and local IT architecture, transport operators have the opportunity to easily enhance the passenger experience, harness their own customer-facing app and flexibly introduce new digital services. This enables operators to benefit from ancillary revenue streams without the need for huge investment and whilst adapting to existing equipment.
In this webinar we will explore:
• The benefits of cloud hosting digital platforms embedded in trains
• How we can seamlessly enable onboard Media streaming services
• The digitisation of the catering service and related benefits
Join PaxLife Innovations to understand that unlocking the full potential of the train IT backbone is now essential to achieve the operators´ business revenue strategy.
Speaker: Ralf Cabos, Founder and CEO, PaxLife Innovations GmbH






Ralf Cabos
Founder and CEO
PaxLife Innovations GmbH



Fjord Trends 2022 and the shift in relationships in Rail and Transit

The emerging trends in business, technology and design impacting the Rail and Transit industry

Fjord Trends 2022 collectively tells a story of people and their relationships with the planet, technology, brands, and each other. The common theme across these trends is the “thread”, how people and businesses are weaving a new fabric of life and relationships. The choices we make next will impact our world and its structure in more ways than we can imagine, and it all points to shifts in our relationships.
In this webinar, we will delve into five trends and their impact on the Rail and Transit industry, that we believe will be most important for organizations, employees, and customers over the next 12 months and beyond:
· Come as you are
· The end of abundance thinking?
· The next frontier (Metaverse)
· This much is true
· Handle with care
·  Christine TrucModica  : Human Insights Europe Group director and Gallia Sustainability Lead,  Fjord
·  Marcus Fromm  : Rail and Transit, Europe Lead,  Accenture
·  Michael English  : Rail and Transit, North America Lead,  Accenture








What’s required for rail distribution to meet the travel expectations of tomorrow

Realising the full potential of rail in the uprising multimodal travel ecosystem will increase demand on rail distribution. What are the challenges today and what’s required to meet the expectations of tomorrow’s travellers.
Philip Saxholm, Product Director, Snowfall
Philip Saxholm is an experienced travel industry executive and former commercial airline pilot with a lifelong love for technology. Passionate about achieving business value through disruptive concepts and innovative digital solutions he's now leading Snowfall's product team providing our partners with solutions that will truly enhance the global travelers’ experience.



Philip Saxholm

Product Director



Maximizing the value of in-vehicle WiFi systems

Discover how to enable virtually "unlimited" onboard WiFi bandwidth for passengers to stream favorite media apps, while preserving the vehicles´ existing 4G network for other uses. 

The New Era of Media Streaming: Media consumption patterns are changing dramatically. Traditional linear TV is experiencing a decline these past few years while there has been an obvious shift in viewership towards streaming platforms.
Still a Challenge for Transport Operators: So in the transport world, passengers - especially younger ones - are expecting to access their streaming video, live and audio apps the same way they do it at home, anytime, anywhere and on any devices. But the reality is somewhat different and there currently are limitations you can not (yet) avoid: available WiFi bandwidth is limited and shared by passengers and operators, mobile coverage is still not reliable everywhere. Also, buying more SIM cards is not a viable solution in the long term. So, what then?
In this webinar you will learn about:
  • Content delivery network architecture and its benefits in transport,
  • How to preserve existing in-vehicle bandwidth while answering passenger´s expectations at the same time,
  • A portfolio of entertainment solutions that easily plugs in to existing WiFi systems and/or PIS: on-demand video & audio streaming, live stream and a bouquet of digital radio channels.







Founder and managing director

PaxLife Innovations GmbH


Fjord Trends 2021: Ready, Reset, Reinvent. The emerging trends in business, tech and design impacting Rail and Transit

Fjord Trends examines the top human trends impacting business, technology and design in the year to come. Now in its 14th edition, it is crowdsourced from Accenture Interactive’s 2,000+ innovative designers and strategists from around the world. 

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted what’s important to us, it’s inspired community spirit and ingenuity, and generated change on a huge scale around the globe.

In Fjord Trends 2021, we delve into seven trends that we believe will be most important for organizations, employees, and customers over the next 12 months and beyond: 

  • Collective displacement
  • Do it yourself innovation
  • Sweet teams are made of this
  • Interaction wanderlust
  • Liquid infrastructure
  • Empathy challenge
  • Rituals lost and found
Join us to hear how these trends, shaped by changing consumer behavior, will affect Rail and Transit.




Bringing passenger onboard experience to the next level

From leisure journey to regular commute, the passenger experience is now a top priority for manufacturers and transport operators alike; onboard entertainment and continuous information has become crucial to ensure that passengers are properly informed and get the most out of their travel time. 

Transport operators and systems integrators are looking to expand their offerings as they attempt to answer evolving passengers' demands for increased bandwidth, uninterrupted connectivity and personalised travel experience on their own device.
In this webinar PaxLife Innovations GmbH will introduce innovative solutions to maximize passenger experience onboard and to support rail as tomorrow’s mobility of choice. PaxLife Innovations CEO Ralf CABOS and his team will cover the following items:
  • The importance of leveraging smartphones, apps and the digital identity of the railways
  • Uninterrupted content streaming while optimizing the 4G bandwidth, guaranteeing high resolution video streaming (up to 4K) at every seat
  • Easy extension of applications and services thanks to PaxLife´s railSTACK onboard data center.


Rail 2.0 - Delivering a connected and sustainable future for rail

All around the world, rail has been instrumental in developing society as we know it. Today, we are facing new challenges driven by new government agendas and shifts in both consumer behaviour and business practice. As we work to rebuild a better, more sustainable world, we explore the crucial role rail will continue to play going forward, and how to deliver connected networks that are better for both people and planet.

Key points: This webinar will explore a range of topics and what they mean for the rail/urban transit industry:

  • Shifts in short haul travel behaviour
  • Flexible design that addresses both short-term and long-term needs
  • Multi-modal transport
  • Re-thinking infrastructure to deliver more integrated systems

Introduced by Kirsty Dias, Managing Director of PriestmanGoode, Paul Priestman, Chairman & Designer, will present our latest ideas around Future Cities particularly pertaining to rail industry assets and services.

Kirsty and Paul will be joined by a panel of international industry representatives who will discuss their recent experiences and ideas regarding the shift that both businesses and governments may have to embrace to create a future city landscape that is fit for purpose serving passengers, local communities and the planet.


  • Andrew Mead, Chief Architect (ARBUK), MTR Corporation Limited
  • Celia Johnstone, Regional Director/Transportation Architecture Principal, HDR
  • Jan Harder, Managing Director, Molinari Rail Systems GmbH 
  • Paul Marchant - Product Design Manager, Information, Design & Partnerships - Transport for London
  • Paul Priestman - Chairman & Designer, PriestmanGoode 



The future of new mobility & Covid-19: What will change and what will remain the same?

Before the start of the current Covid-19 crisis, the development of new mobility was gaining momentum like never before.
However the Covid-19 crisis threatens to change the way we live and travel long after lockdown restrictions are lifted,
altering travel trends, norms and paradigms potentially forever.

What impact could these changes have on the development of new mobility services & models and critically,
how can the industry adapt and prepare to the new normal?

Our expert panel will each present their thoughts on what the future of new mobility could look like,
and will then have plenty of time to debate, discuss and answer questions from our audience.



The future of Rail. What’s on the horizon?

Following the Covid-19 crisis, new behaviors will emerge and many people will continue working from home,
creating a very different environment for Rail and Transit.

Operators must consider new partnerships and undertake an organizational-wide digital transformation to outmaneuver uncertainty.
Rail operators will face major challenges to ensure workforce safety and customer confidence.
And operations, sales and distribution will need to become more automated, reducing the number of physical touchpoints and staff in the field.

What are the lessons learned in Asia? How is Europe progressing? And how will North America be impacted?
Nicole Goebel, Accenture Managing Director , guided us through insights across three continents:
Europe: Henning Radermacher, Principal Director Rail and Transit, Austria, Switzerland and Germany
America: Michael English, Managing Director Rail and Transit, North America
Asia: Claudio Bacalhau, Managing Director Rail and Transit, Asia Pacific





The future of innovation & digitisation in rail

We cautiously looked at the future and 'life after COVID-19'. Hosted by Alex Burrows, Director, Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, we discussed:

  • What impacts could the Corona Crisis have on the future of innovation & digitisation in rail?
  • Ensuring the industry effectively supports innovation, collaboration and development in the rail?
  • How can individual organisations & operators ensure they are investing in the right areas?
  • From a UK perspective, how could future changes to the franchise system impact digitisation & innovation?



Re-establishing customer demand post-COVID

Chris Perry, Founder Intelligent Mobility services will be leading this Webinar focusing on the following themes:

  • Will commuting patterns return to pre-COVID levels?
  • Will business travel (and their premium yield!) return?
  • Building new markets to meet changing demand, ie grow partnerships with trip attractors
  • The role of innovation in building markets
  • How will COVID affect the development of shared mobility?



Maintaining customer centrality during the Covid-19 crisis

This webinar focused on the ways in which transport operators can manage customer experience during the Covid-19 crisis.

  • What changes can rail operators make to allow passengers to feel safe and comfortable on public transport?
  • Balancing revenue protection with empathetic policies for customers in this difficult period
  • Ensuring employers are looking after their people to ensure they feel as safe and cared for as possible?
  • How can employers encourage important values and behaviors in their employees?
  • Thinking long term: how can rail operators bounce back stronger than ever?
Jerry Angrave, Founder, Empathyce led the discussion.



Leveraging the role of social media in transport during the impact of Covid-19


Download this webinar to explore how social media can be utilised during the Covid-19 crisis in transport.

  • What should the role of social media be during the Covid19 crisis?
  • How can operators effectively engage with their community & customers over the coming weeks and months?
  • Effectively developing an online personality & brand through social media - why is this important?
  • What role can social media platforms play with staff engagement and support?
  • How can companies support the development of social media?
Led by Kunal Pattany, a hugely experienced Social Media expert, bringing cross-industry knowledge and practical applications for transport.




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