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How do I use Terrapinn Events App?


How to login to the platform

1.  Go to Terrapinn Events App
2.  Top right - Log in as a Participant 
3.  Enter the email you used to register for World Passenger Festival 2024
4.  Create your own password
5.  Wait 15-20mins - the link will be sent to your email.


If you have not registered for World Passenger Festival 2024!

1. Click here to register now! 
2. Wait 15-20 minutes - you will be sent an email from info@terrapinn.com, click the button in the email to access the platform. Do check your other folders.



  • To access the platform, you have to use a recent browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • The link sent from info@terrapinn.com will take you to your default browser. If this isn’t Chrome or Mozilla, you will need to right click on the link, copy the link, and paste into Chrome or Mozilla browser.
  • The event app is only used to access the agenda, floorplan and networking.We will not live-stream any sessions

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