4 – 5 October 2023 | Messe Wien, Vienna, Austria


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Wiener Linien at World Passenger Festival


Introducing the World Passenger Awards


We are excited to announce the return of the World Passenger Awards for 2023. This session will be an opportunity to celebrate the work transport operators around the world are doing every day to provide reliable, accessible and even enjoyable services to their users.

The nominees have been selected based on analysis of Twitter data points, with the analysis work done by our partner Wordnerds using their deep learning and natural language processing algorithms to identify operators who receive the most positivity in the selected area. You can read more about the methodology and process here .

We are excited to announce the categories for this year’s awards:

The Before We Travel Award — For excellence in the booking process, reservation and value.

The at the Station Award — For excellence in station staff, information, amenities and delay response.

The Onboard Award — For excellence in onboard service and passenger safety.

The Access Award — For excellence in service to passengers with accessibility needs.

The Best Metro Award — For excellence in inner-city and metropolitan services.

The Best BUS Award — For excellence in bus services across inter-city, urban and rural networks.

The Best Operator Award — For the operator with the highest level of passenger positivity across all service areas.


World Passenger Awards 2022

World Passenger Awards 2022