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Nov 1610:40
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Building the gigabit future: strategies for a fully connected Italy (IT)

This panel will be in Italian
  • Assessing Italy’s rapidly changing broadband landscape
  • Where does investment need to be prioritised?
  • How can the regulatory environment effectively incentivise network rollout and uptake?
  • How can fibre and fixed wireless access networks compliment each other?
  • How will next-gen broadband technologies continue to evolve?
  • What will Italy’s broadband network look like in 2026?
Moderator: Fabio Fradella, Principal, Analysys Mason
Carlo Filangieri, Chief Executive Officer, FiberCop
Marco Petracca, Cabinet Officer, Ministry for Technological Innovation & Digital Transition
Eleonora Fratesi, President, Infratel
Nov 1611:45
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Funding full connectivity - assessing the investment landscape (EN)

This panel will be in English
  • How will the proposed single network impact investment?
  • What opportunities are there for new entrants within Italy’s broadband market?
  • Consolidation, competition, collaboration: how will market dynamics evolve?
  • Where should government and European funding be prioritised?
  • Where should public/private collaboration be targeted for investment?
Moderator: Alessandro Ravagnolo, Partner, Analysys Mason
Luigi Minerva, Senior Telecoms Analyst, Director - Equity Research, Hsbc
Nov 1612:50
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Rural connectivity (EN)

This panel will be in English
  • How can stakeholders ensure ROI in delivering broadband networks for rural communities?
  • Overcoming the “white spots” challenge
  • Where can the public and private sectors best collaborate to deliver rural connectivity?
  • How can networks be rapidly deployed and scaled in hard-to-reach areas?
Moderator: Marco D'Ostuni, Partner, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP
Cosimo Buccella, Chief Technology Officer, Linkem
Nov 1613:55
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Optimising the regulatory environment (EN)

This panel will be in English.
  • How can the regulatory environment be optimised to drive network rollout?
  • Developing a coordinated regulatory framework
  • Bringing Italy up to speed with European leaders
  • How can regulation meet the government’s digital priorities?
Moderator: Marzia Minozzi, Head of Regulation & Legislation, Asstel
Francesco Nonno, Regulatory Director, Open Fiber
Davide Gallino, Head Of Unit, Digital Infrastructure & Services, Internet Governance, A.G.C.O.M.
Nov 1615:00
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Italy’s connectivity future (IT)

This session will be in Italian
  • Investment, regulation, technology - what needs to change?
  • Overcoming challenges to deliver networks at pace
  • What impact will next-gen networks have on delivering greater digital skills and services?

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Nov 1711:00
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Delivering Italy’s 5G Future (EN)

This session will be held in English.
  • Progress report: what have been the key lessons from Italy’s 5G rollout?
  • How will the 5G rollout impact Italy’s mobile market dynamics?
  • What commercial opportunities does 5G offer operators?
  • Assessing the 5G investment landscape in Italy
  • Regulation: spectrum and security
Moderator: Matteo Romano, Principal, Boston Consulting Group
Nov 1711:25
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5G & Industry 4.0 (IT)

This session will be held in Italian.
  • Private campus networks
  • How will 5G enable smart manufacturing?
  • What advanced technologies will power Industry 4.0?
  • How will industrial connectivity continue to evolve in Italy?
Nov 1712:30
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Smart Cities and Digital Urban Spaces (IT)

This session will be held in Italian.
  • How will next-gen connectivity enable next-gen urban environments?
  • Where can 5G have the biggest impact in enabling smart infrastructure for urban spaces?
  • Where can smart cities provide the biggest benefits for their citizens?
  • Establishing effective public/private partnerships
Moderator: Fabio Fradella, Principal, Analysys Mason
Raffaele Gareri, Chief Digital Government Officer, Linkem
Luca Curioni, Chief Digital Officer, Comune di Milano
Gianluca Vannucini, Director - Information Systems, Technological Infrastructures and Innovation, Tuscany Region
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