Nicola Farronato | Tech and Social Entrepreneur, Former Head of the Innovation Team, City of Turin

Nicola Farronato, Tech and Social Entrepreneur, Former Head of the Innovation Team, City of Turin, Independent

Nicola is both a manager and entrepreneur who likes
to build new innovative projects and ventures.
He has extensive experience as an international business
developer who has worked in several European cities
such as Venice, London, Dublin, Paris, Turin. He practises
and experiences entrepreneurship. He develops creative
projects in the digital world and has a natural sense of
transforming a mere idea into a fruitful business. Nicola
founded B-sm@rk in Ireland, a high potential tech
start-up; Back2Africa in Italy, a social entrepreneurship
venture raising funds for Togo & Benin kids; and VCNY
(Venice Chinese New Year) in Italy, a destination
marketing project focusing on Chinese millennial
He is currently head of the innovation team for the City
of Turin and acts as innovation manager for Torino City
Nicola just enrolled as a Ph.D. student at the University of
Turin with a focus on innovation for the circular


CONNECTED ITALY 2021 DAY 2 @ 12:30

Smart Cities and Digital Urban Spaces (IT)

This session will be held in Italian.
  • How will next-gen connectivity enable next-gen urban environments?
  • Where can 5G have the biggest impact in enabling smart infrastructure for urban spaces?
  • Where can smart cities provide the biggest benefits for their citizens?
  • Establishing effective public/private partnerships
last published: 16/Nov/21 08:55 GMT

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