Luca Schiavoni | Senior Analyst

Luca Schiavoni, Senior Analyst, Assembly

Luca has a deep level of expertise in the regulation of telecoms and technology, with extensive knowledge of regulatory environments in Europe and further afield. He tracks new and emerging areas of regulation affecting the sector, such as policies for enhanced connectivity and competition in digital markets. Areas of specialisation include spectrum policy, net neutrality, and roaming.

Prior to joining Assembly, Luca was a Senior Analyst in Ovum's regulation team for 6 years. He has a BSc in Political Science from The University of Bari and an MSc in Communications Regulation and Policy from The London School of Economics


CONNECTED ITALY 2021 DAY 1 @ 15:00

Italy’s connectivity future (IT)

This session will be in Italian
  • Investment, regulation, technology - what needs to change?
  • Overcoming challenges to deliver networks at pace
  • What impact will next-gen networks have on delivering greater digital skills and services?

CONNECTED ITALY 2021 DAY 2 @ 11:25

5G & Industry 4.0 (IT)

This session will be held in Italian.
  • Private campus networks
  • How will 5G enable smart manufacturing?
  • What advanced technologies will power Industry 4.0?
  • How will industrial connectivity continue to evolve in Italy?
last published: 16/Nov/21 08:55 GMT

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