Day 02

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Sam Bruni

Loyalty online & offline - Creating personalized customer experiences for driving engagement

  • Smarter marketing: Custom tailored communication based on location, preferences and interests
  • A Holistic Approach: Cross-channel marketing experiences for driving your business forward
  • Personalization: Why you should personalize, what to personalize, and how it should differ from web, to mobile, to in-store
Cat Chen

Wowing the customer – going beyond the product quality to ensure great (honest) customer service

  • Deliver what customers expect by improving fulfillment accuracy, fill rate, and damage rate
  • Improve shipping speed with a second fulfillment center and regional shipping carrier
  • Provide customers clear communications and extra flexibility around order modifications and cancellations
  • Avoid retail stock-outs by collaborating with customers and supply chain partners
Alex Golshan

Consumers don’t care about channels but a personalized service

  • Mobile is over – but you need more than one screens
  • Building the case for unified commerce platform
  • Integrate services & inventory across all channels
  • Expose digital to stores & bring store to digital

Networking Break

Martin Smiley

Building a global footprint - crafting an international growth strategy

  • Optimizing the cost and speed of order fulfillment and delivery
  • Finding the right global partners, vendors and 3rd parties
  • How to reduce/refund of customs duties on goods returned by the customer
  • Dealing with legal requirements like payments, taxes, copyright and trademark laws
Paul Goodman

Panel session: Understanding the necessity and sustainability of “free-delivery/returns

  • Reducing time-in-transit by bringing your products closer to your shipping partner
  • Attaining an unified last mile experience without increasing your costs
  • Thinking of shipping as a marketing cost: Extended return policies make for happy customers
  • Deliver fast and return slow: Reducing costs by shipping deliveries overnight and returns by ground

Networking Lunch

Drew Stadler

Knock your customers’ socks off with first-class customer service excellence

  • Innovation continuum for online experience- from here to infinity 
  • Engaging with the consumer post purchase- to drive repeat demand
  • Folding customers into the internal culture - creating advocates
Anthony Flynn

Case Study: Customize or Perish - The role of customization in the new digital space

  • Curation with trusted recommendations that cater to their personal preferences
  • Experiential retailing – stores are no longer only for goods
  • Online/Offline mashup -  have a ‘two-way’ conversation with your consumers
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