Day 01

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Jim Hourigan

Chairperson’s opening remarks

Stormy Simon

Keynote: Differentiate your brand - staying competitive in an increasingly saturated market

  • Overstock’s secret to delivering personalized experiences for big box items 
  • Choosing the right partner to create a personalized shopping experience
  • The 2020 perspective - exploring the emerging technologies
  • Customer engagement through mobile, social and web
Charles Griffith

Panel: Retail Convergence - The future of omnichannel fulfillment

  • How are brick-and-mortar retailers transforming to respond to the threat of eCommerce
  • The evolution of the retail customer experience at the doorstep from urban to rural environments
  • Achieving inventory visibility to enable your placement advantage
  • How are we improving the customers’ experience while maintaining profitability

Speed networking


Home Delivery and Click & Collect

Etail Roundtables


Case Study: Launching a ship from store strategy – from idea to execution

  • Expanding from a single online distribution point to multi-DC model with a packing station in every store
  • Understand how OMS program rules and sourcing logic affect profitability and productivity in a multi-DC environment
  • Analyze delivery times to improve the customer experience
  • Leverage carrier services and system configuration to maintain customer experience through holiday peak  
  • Review technical challenges and ways to overcome obstacles, get buy-in from the organization, and deliver the best possible shipping solution

Panel session: The future of grocery- home delivery vs. click & collect

  • How can new technology help brick and mortar grocers to adjust with the rise in online distribution companies?
  • Leveraging delivery/pick-up to drive top-line growth for fresh local providers
  • Infrastructure and logistical challenges for delivery in suburban areas - what can be done?
  • What’s missing for grocery delivery to become mainstream? Culture, behavior and convenience challenges

On-demand - the killer app: Modern distribution as a winning strategy

  • How Uber has re-written the rules of the delivery game
  • What does the future hold and why you need to move quickly
  • Why on-demand is the killer app
  • Transforming existing home delivery capabilities into modern, Uber-like delivery
  • Scaling on-demand delivery with 3rd party and crowdsourced fleets in the "delivery cloud"

Networking Lunch


Etail Show


Home Delivery and Click & Collect


Case study: Mobile 360° - the way to shopper's heart is through their smartphone

  • Continual adjustments to Apple iOS and Android apps to capitalize today’s evolving mobile consumer
  • Mobile wallets: How developing a strong mobile payment platform can increase customer engagement and purchasing habits
  • How should your strategy differ from web to mobile

Case Study: Leveraging community to improve customer engagement in marketplaces

  • Simple, real-time communication
  • Purchasing through social network of over 700,000 sellers
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative reputation
  • Posh Post: Simplify to remove any friction

Unravelling multi-device shopping paths

  • Types of behavior do multi-device sessions reveal
  • Using multi-device shopping sessions to uncover missed conversion opportunities
  • Content and message personalization using the broader pool of data

Networking and coffee break

Ryan Miller

Keynote: Expanding to new markets - understanding and managing cross-border challenges

  • How to unify different platforms with same architecture for different markets
  • Determining total landed price for the customer considering shipping time and cost
  • Allowing  product customization - let your customers have it their way
  • How US brands can leverage marketplaces and their own .com presence to expand internationally
Jon Venverloh

Keynote: How online development and mobile commerce might are increasing marketplace’s gross merchandise volume (GMV)

  • How much advantage do frontrunners get? Until when?
  • How long does it take to have ROI?
  • What’s the role of seamless payment strategies in increasing mobile GMV?
Jim Hourigan

Chairperson’s closing remarks


End of conference and Cocktail party

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