Dyadic International Inc

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Dyadic International, Inc. (OTCQX: DYAI) - a global biotechnology company focused on further improving and leveraging the patented and proprietary C1 expression system to help bring biologic vaccines and drugs to market faster, in greater volumes, at lower cost, and with new properties to drug developers and manufacturers to improve access and cost to patients and the healthcare system - but most importantly to save lives.

DYADIC’S C1 TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM:  In addition, we believe the unique attributes of C1 may create attractive research, licensing, collaboration and other opportunities if C1 demonstrates operational efficiencies and reduced capital requirements for biologic drug manufacturers. We believe in the saying that the expression system is not everything, but we believe biologics developed without the most productive expression system will face reimbursement challenges. Based on our academic and commercial collaborations, we believe experts in academia and industry regard Dyadic’s C1 Expression System as among the foremost expression systems in the world. Proprietary & Patented Myceliophthora thermophila, commercially known as our C1 Technology: Dyadic has developed a highly productive recombinant production host that uses modern genetic recombination techniques to develop and manufacture novel enzyme and other protein products.  The C1 technology platform enables the targeted discovery, development and industrial scale manufacturing of innovative enzyme and other protein products, thereby providing customers with value-added solutions for their pressing business needs. The use of the C1 technology platform has the potential to remove a critical bottleneck in protein development and manufacturing processes:

1, Allows for rapid scaling; 2, Significantly lower CapEx and OpEx; 3, Potential to improve therapeutic vaccine and drug performance

Dyadic is seeking partnerships to sub-license, or partner its C1 platform technology in the vaccine, antibody and biosimilar industries.