Dr Dylan Jones | Principal Scientist

Dr Dylan Jones, Principal Scientist, Sanofi

Began career as in-process QC analyst working for generics pharmaceutical manufacturer Norton Healthcare.  From there new product development and finally team leader for analytical development.  Supported the successful introduction of generic products to the market.  Moved to GSK, Ware, in 2002 as senior scientist, developing analytical and PAT methods for new products.  In 2004 moved to Genzyme, Haverhill to do PAT full time in support of continuous flow chemistry.  Designed, developed, and introduced a number of PAT solutions into commercial manufacturing processes with substantial commercial benefits observed.  Company was purchased by Sanofi in 2011.  Moved into Chemical and Biochemistry Development, developing PAT for chemical, biochemical, and biological processes across the global organisation.  Currently Head of Analytical Chemistry at Sanofi, Haverhill.

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