Dr Carsten Voss | Application Specialist of Process Chromatography
Bio Rad

Dr Carsten Voss, Application Specialist of Process Chromatography, Bio Rad

Dr. Carsten Voss studied chemistry at Bielefeld University. Following this, he received a PhD. from the Faculty of Technology at Bielefeld University with a thesis in fermentation engineering.  He went on to become head of a biochemical engineering research group and was appointed Assoc. Professor for Biochemical Engineering at Bielefeld University. Before joining Bio-Rad he was  Senior Expert for Bioprocessing at NNE Pharmaplan on engineering projects. 
He then became Director of Protein Chemistry at ProBioGen AG, a CMO based in Berlin, and was responsible for the development of purification processes for biopharmaceutical proteins. Currently at Bio-Rad Laboratories, Dr. Voss has established a bioprocess applications laboratory for customer support and chromatographic purification development located in Munich, Germany.

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