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Teradata empowers companies to achieve high-impact business outcomes through data and analytics. With our focus on business solutions, coupled with our industry-leading technology and architecture expertise, we unleash the potential of great companies. This is all made possible through our unique approach, centered on core capabilities in three areas: business, architecture, and technology. 

Our Business Analytics Solutions leverage data and analytics to drive business outcomes in customer experience, finance transformation, risk mitigation, operational excellence, product innovation and assets optimization. Our Ecosystem Architecture Consulting delivers trusted advisors with deep industry knowledge and expertise around open source and analytical ecosystem architecture strategy and design. Lastly, our Hybrid Cloud Solutions deliver Teradata’s core technology deployed across private, public, on-premises, and managed cloud environments, all orchestrated to work together. 

With approximately 10,000 professionals, nearly half of whom are consultants, Teradata partners with top companies in 77 countries across consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, automotive, communications, travel, hospitality, and more. Teradata is recognized by media and industry analysts as a future-focused company for its technological excellence, sustainability, ethics, and business value.  Visit teradata.com.


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