The world's leading congress for big data and AI in Lifescience & Healthcare

No matter what area of the healthcare system or pharmaceutical industry you find yourself in, one thing is clear – data is key.

Whether you are using it for drug development or improving healthcare practices, developing novel IT architecture, gaining meaning from exabytes of Genomic data to discover new biological pathways and cures, developing open-source data democratization systems using Blockchain or using AI to gain meaning from images and EHR– there are many hurdles to overcome and opportunities to take advantage of.

So, with that in mind, the BioData World Congress 2021 will bring together pharma/biotechs, healthcare, academia and the community that serve them, to discuss how to come together to improve efficiencies within IT and biodata for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Industry- & thought-leading topics bringing together the whole value chain

  • Discover how peers are transforming big data into smart data
  • Hear best practices in data management as well as data computing and processing
  • Conquer the challenges of data integration and infrastructure
  • Learn about applications of AI and machine learning
  • Discover how to save time in the curation of data to gain meaningful insights
  • Work on the challenge of gaining good quality data and tackle the “garbage in garbage out” dilemma
  • Discover how to accelerate your drug design processes using big data and genomics
  • Uncover the power of clinical stratification through AI
  • Develop new IT architectures to empower researchers 
  • Gain insights into new more efficient global e-trials for rare diseases and understand how to increase compliance through the process

Biodata World Topics:


Analytics Platforms
Big Data and Oncology
Clinical Trials and Precision Medicine
Data Integration
Data Management and Storage
Digital Health
Rare Diseases
Real World Evidence

Genomics Live Topics:


Genomics LIVE Topics




Top level presentations and opportunities to network with decision-makers

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