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ONTOFORCE is a semantic integration and visual analytics company based in Belgium (EU) and Cambridge & NYC (US). 

ONTOFORCE pioneering semantic integration and visual analytics platform, DISQOVER, links and mines unlimited amounts of internal and public data faster, smarter and simple through one, fast and user-friendly interface. This significantly reduce search time (with >73%) and everyone can find the right insights, instantly, without the need to contact experts. We bring simplicity to complexity in the continuous growing amounts of heterogeneous data, unleashing citizen data science power.

Our mission is empowering citizen data science by democratizing access to all internal and external data in an easy, secured and scalable way, for everyone.

Our vision is that democratized access to data will impact everyone's life, healing patients with smarter data and reduces drug discovery cycles with +20%. 

DISQOVER functionalities: 
•    Integrate private and third-party data easily
•    Enrich internal data with public data out of the box
•    Keep track of the data origin (provenance & GDPR)
•    Save and rerun any query you’ve or others have done
•    Share and collaborate on searches
•    Powerful visual analytics switch from details to dashboards
•    Secure access per user role (data governance)
•    Export search results in pdf and ppt


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To sponsor or exhibit contact:
Alistair Wilmot
+44 (0)207 092 1174


To speak:
Chris Shanks
+44 (0)207 092 1151