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Pepticom designs novel peptide drug candidates for various indications such as autoimmune disease, metabolic disease and oncology, utilizing a unique AI-driven biocomputational software to optimize the discovery process, accelerate time to market and reduce development risks and costs. We implement an innovative eliminatory approach, in which, instead of assessing each conformation one by one, we increase chances of success by analyzing the binding site’s crystal structures and eliminating “problematic” or “risky” candidates, to prevent time and money being spent going down the wrong path. Performing in-silico design enables several unique features that optimize the potential drug candidate design; From full coverage of the available chemical space of 1030 possible solutions and controlling diverse drug-like properties, through various backbone cyclization and peptide length control, to providing binding site and binding mode information delivered in a 3D binding model with hotspot analysis describing critical binding spots and solubility prediction. 



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