OntoChem GmbH

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OntoChem GmbH is a life science focused knowledge discovery informatics company developing new tools and products to extract knowledge unstructured source documents. We support various digitalization projects of our customers to leverage the value of historic and recent internal and external company data.

Built on open standards and technologies, our products support all aspects of knowledge data handling: starting from delivering normalized data streams, custom built ontologies, the customizable document processing software OC|processor - up to integrated semantic retrieval solutions OC|miner or SciWalker Enterprise. Our software instances can run on-premise, in the cloud or in your custom environment. They are used by a range of large clients across multiple life science industries and with diverse use cases.

We also support our customers to rapidly build data-driven, end-user facing applications on top of extracted knowledge – using conventional ontology-based graph databases such as triple stores or in our N-tuple OC|xfactDB database delivered by our WebAPI.

Our products are built by a team of engineers and scientists to extract chemistry and related life science data from patents, articles, internal research reports, or news flows. Chemistry and other concepts are normalized and registered following FAIR principles – allowing a seamless interaction with other knowledge providers.



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