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Nuritas, a disruptive drug discovery TechBio company, leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify novel patentable peptide-based therapeutics across a range of disease areas in collaboration with industry partners. Via a fully integrated approach, Nuritas’ in silico discoveries are validated for desired characteristics in vivo, via their internal wet laboratory facilities and multidisciplinary team of scientists.  

Uniquely, Nuritas use AI to interrogating natural and safe sources of material for new candidates, yielding putative drugs with backbones that have co evolved with man. This strategy yields new candidates with improved safety and toxicity profiles versus many small molecule counterparts- parameters that often stifle new clinical trials and prevent new drugs reaching patients. Subsequent AI informed synthetic strategies yield new actives with improved properties for better patient outcomes. 

Nuritas are interested in engaging partners that share a common mission and objective, namely to improve the lives of billions of people worldwide through the joint discovery and development of safe, affordable and efficacious new drugs. Through strategic partnerships, Nuritas will improve the return on research investment and help the Pharmaceutical industry bring more drugs to patients in areas of current and emergent medical need. 



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