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CytoReason’s access to unmatched proprietary and public data, combined with cutting-edge machine learning technologies, creates our unique biological models of disease, tissue and drug. Using our molecular-level disease models we turn human clinical data into biology, mapping what the cells, genes and proteins are doing in a disease, tissue and treatment environment. This enables us to uncover disease and drug mechanisms of action and turn that biology into clinical edge, by delivering valuable IP in the form of novel targets, indications, combinations and biomarkers. This is the process that answers the critical questions your drug discovery and development program asks: Do we have a target? Is it the right target? Which indications / sub-groups are most relevant? Can we expand into new indications / sub-groups? Can we hit a combination of pathways? Can we use a combination of drugs? And are there accurate biomarkers to predict disease and drug response? CytoReason delivers data-driven answers to these questions, providing the keys to speeding up R&D, reducing risk, generating clinical edge and providing commercial advantage. In short – discovering the right biology, from the right data, using the right technologies, to make the right decisions and delivering the right value!



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