Sandeep Burugupalli | Senior Director, Global Medical Epidemiology Strategist, Data Center Of Excellence

Sandeep Burugupalli, Senior Director, Global Medical Epidemiology Strategist, Data Center Of Excellence, Pfizer

Throughout his career, Sandeep Burugupalli has developed large, transformative initiatives across leading healthcare institutions. Sandeep currently heads the Global Medical Epidemiology Data Center of Excellence for Pfizer Worldwide Research, Development, and Medical. In this role, Sandeep identifies and develops innovative data partnerships to enable the use of fit-for-purpose, regulatory-grade data for accelerating drug development and approvals. Pfizer Sandeep also launched and leads Pfizer’s Digital Accelerator program, enabling Pfizer to rapidly share internal clinical trial and real world data with external collaborators to develop AI/ML solutions through a cutting-edge cloud and analytics platform-- a first in the pharmaceutical industry. Sandeep joined Pfizer after serving as a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, a program started by President Obama in 2015 to bring the nation’s top innovators, technologists, and entrepreneurs to government moonshot initiatives. There, Sandeep helped nationally launch the NIH’s historic Precision Medicine Initiative, the “All of Us” Research Program, which aims to create the largest and most diverse health data resource ever collected. Sandeep collaborated with 60+ healthcare provider partners as well as Google’s Verily, Vanderbilt University, and the Broad Institute to ensure the data collected was valuable and streamlined for top researchers as well as study participants across the country. In recognition of his work on the launch of “All of Us” Research Program, Sandeep received the NIH Office of the Director Award in 2018.


BioData World Congress Day 1 @ 12:10

Curating high-quality in-house data sets for RWE- learning to work in an agile manner with vendors and multiple data sources

BioData World Congress Day 3 @ 14:30

Novel cloud architecture for testing and onboarding small AI companies into large pharma companies without compromising data and privacy

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