Hakon Gudbjartsson | Chief Informatics Officer
Genuity Science

Hakon Gudbjartsson, Chief Informatics Officer, Genuity Science

Hákon Guðbjartsson has over 35 years’ experience in software development. At deCODE genetics, he directed the launch of the first web-based personal genomics service, deCODEme, and was also the lead architect and developer of many software systems including a patient identity protection system, a system for patient cohort definitions and reporting based on a novel Set Definition Language (SDL), and a highly scalable database system (GORdb) based on a genomic ordered architecture and a novel query syntax. Hákon holds a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


BioData World Congress Day 3 @ 12:30

Cohort Analytics Platform - Enabling target discovery at whole genome population scale

last published: 05/Nov/20 11:55 GMT

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