Friedrich Rippmann | Director, Global Computational Chemistry And Biology
Merck KGaA

Friedrich Rippmann, Director, Global Computational Chemistry And Biology, Merck KGaA

Friedrich Rippmann is Director of Computational Chemistry & Biology at Merck in Darmstadt, Germany. Previously he was global head of Bio- and Chemoinformatics at Merck, with responsibility for groups in Germany, France and Switzerland. He was also responsible for the set-up of bioinformatics and protein crystallography in Darmstadt. 
In his academic career he worked at the National Institute for Medical Research, MRC London, and at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany.
Several major software developments originated in his group, among them RELIBASE, a comprehensive database of protein-ligand complexes; and more recently DoGSite Scorer, a druggability prediction server; TRAPP, a webtool for analysis of transient binding pockets in proteins; and a panel of methods for selective kinase inhibitor generation. Currently he is working on automating many aspects of early discovery research. Machine Learning, especially Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are key enablers for this.


BioData World Congress Day 3 @ 10:50

How to translate progress in AI into drug discovery benefit? - Driving novel opportunities and caring about their adoption

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