Anguraj Sadanandam | Reader in Stratified and Precision Medicine
Institute of Cancer Research

Anguraj Sadanandam, Reader in Stratified and Precision Medicine, Institute of Cancer Research

Dr Sadanandam is a Reader and Team Leader (tenured Associate Professor) at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London since 2013. He is currently applying his multidisciplinary skills to integrated science of stratified medicine to understand inter- and intra-tumoural/immune heterogeneity and test precise therapies for different subtypes of cancers using computational (artificial intelligence), experimental (including pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo models) and clinical (accessing clinical trial samples by developing companion diagnostics) biology. After, obtaining his PhD from USA, Dr. Sadanandam completed his postdoctoral fellowship with two world-renowned mentors: Joe Gray (USA) and Douglas Hanahan (Switzerland). He briefly worked at Swiss Institute of Cancer. Dr. Sadanandam led the research work to define transcriptome/multi-omics subtypes of colorectal, gastroesophageal, breast and multiple pancreatic cancers associated with prognosis and potential personalised medicine (multiple high-impact Nature Medicine, Cancer Cell, Cancer Discovery, Cell, Science and other publications out of more than 60 publications). These subtypes and classifications are highly cited and applied by the research and clinical community. He is a major contributor in multiple consortia including ColoRectal Cancer Subtyping Consortium (CRCSC; Guinney et al., Nature Medicine 2015) and clinical trials. Dr. Sadanandam is a Founder of a Centre for Global Oncology at the ICR and currently co- ordinating multiple projects related to Global (specifically Low-Middle Income Countries including India) Cancer Research. He is one of the Advisors of Indian Cancer Genome Atlas (ICGA) project. He has won several awards and honours. He is internationally known for his subtyping and personalised cancer research. He has Honorary Appointments at Royal Marsden Hospital, UK and Mayo Clinic, USA. Previously, he did his postdoctoral trainings with Professors Joe Gray and Douglas Hanahan.


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