Andrew Kasarskis | Chief Data Officer And Executive Vice President
Mount Sinai Health System

Andrew Kasarskis, Chief Data Officer And Executive Vice President, Mount Sinai Health System


BioData World Congress Day 1 @ 09:40

The Diagnostic Drive in Health Systems – How COVID-19 has driven a future of novel diagnostics into standard care

  • What are the impacts?
  • What are the economic costs for this transition?
  • What are the challenges to rolling out across large health systems?

BioData World Congress Day 1 @ 14:20

Failings of the applications of big data in the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Where big data could have provided a greater impact
  • What lessons were learned for future pandemics
  • What steps are being taken to be better resourced and more agile in the future

BioData World Congress Day 2 @ 09:00

Digital transformation over COVID-19 – Challenges for the future and perpetuating the efforts

  • COVID-19 lead to digital innovation by necessity, including telehealth, new apps and digital technologies, and data fusion and sharing advances.
  • Large opportunities exist to do much better with learning from data, however.This requires the following operational and cultural change:
-Proactive collection and use of coherent data sets as a baseline for public health and the infrastructure development to support that work.-Recommitment to evidence-based medicine and timely, rigorous assessment of clinical utility through ongoing clinical research with well-powered studies of strong statistical design coupled to careful monitoring of large observational data.

BioData World Congress Day 2 @ 16:40

Universal consents for research that travel with data and how we might get there

last published: 21/Sep/21 15:25 GMT
last published: 21/Sep/21 15:25 GMT

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