Modak Analytics


Modak is a boutique services company that enables enterprises manage and utilize their data landscape effectively. Modak uses machine learning (ML) techniques to transform how analytics content is prepared, consumed and shared.

Modak's Nabu is an enterprise product and has been covered in Gartner’s “Market Guide to Data preparation 2019”. Nabu converges data discovery, data ingestion, data preparation, data catalogue, data unification, data quality, data profiling into a single enterprise platform with the metadata being primary driver. By automating mundane and laborious data preparation tasks, Nabu significantly reduces the time it takes to develop and deploy 'data pipelines'.

Modak’s broader portfolio of services includes managed services, data governance, augmented data preparation, DataOps and enterprise data fabric.

Modak complies with leading industrial standards like ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and HIPAA.



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