Mcule provides a high-quality database of purchasable compounds integrated with molecular modelling tools, advanced property filters and cloud services to help biotech and pharma companies develop new drug candidates quickly and efficiently. The high level of integration between drug discovery tools and computational power is the key to success.

Our customers can easily get their selected building blocks, screening compounds and natural products because our database currently contains more than 43 million compounds from more than 100 chemical suppliers. To help researchers to find the most suitable suppliers, our platform has an online price optimization algorithm, which automatically calculates the best price and the fastest delivery options making compound sourcing quick and easy.

Mcule also offers custom synthesis solutions by being in contact with more than 300 custom synthesis partners. 

In 2017 we started our new challenging project, called ULTIMATE - the best online drug discovery platform, building the ultimate chemical database for drug discovery. In this project, a commercial database of 500 million novel, diverse and synthetically feasible compounds will be developed. Standard parameters of the database are:
  •     At least 80% success rate, 
  •     max. 6 weeks delivery time,
  •     fixed prices.
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